Tuesday, 26 December 2017


President Olusegun Obasanjo, on Friday, warned that Nigeria risks division without renegotiating how it wants to move ahead as one united entity.
“Nigeria must continue to renegotiate its unity and give listening ear to the complaints of all ethnic groups in the country. 
.... “such periodic discussions will provide opportunity for all stakeholders to ventilate their views, grievances and possibly provide superior arguments, solutions or ideas that could positively challenge the existing practices.”
According to him, the existing federal system of government practiced in Nigeria needed additional deliberate arrangements that require intricate deals, trade-offs and reciprocities to build and sustain.
He added, “Secondly, the federal systems are delicate and difficult to manage. This was because their success cannot be guaranteed or taken for granted. Research confirmed that the number of failed federal systems outnumbered the successful ones.
“Restructuring represents a continuous correction, adjustment, and reconfiguration process by which federal system works and reworks its instrumentalities; to guarantee success and efficiencies of federalism.”

There is nothing new to write about Chief Aremu Olusegun Obasanjo that is not already in the public domain. He is one Nigerian elder statesman in a class of his own. The most respected political voice in Nigeria by the international community today. Perhaps one of the reasons why everyone who wants to be president of Nigeria courts his friendship, endorsement, seeks his consent and acceptance. I am among those who still believe that he is the best president Nigeria has had so far. I could not let the opportunity of his new academic feat of additional qualification pass without celebrating his cerebral prowess with this pictorial tribute. The man who got to the pinnacle of every constituency he was involved with through dint of hard work, persistence, determination and providence. An army General, one time military Head of State, President of Nigeria 1999-2007, a respected high chief in Egba kingdom, the only past president who has written many books which underscores the fact of his being a distinguished prolific author and lately a PhD holder in religious studies. What else can one say about the intellectual giant than to wish him more years in good health and peace of mind in Jesus name, amen. 
Ajinde ara a ma je o.
Seye Adetunmbi

80 Birthday held in his honour in Lagos in 2017


Mindscope Africa said...

ayodeji olaleye left a comment on "Obasanjo":

A lucky man by hard work, divinity and providence. Okikiola is true to his name. If soothsayers chose his name and spoke positively about his future that he will be great, if he were lazy, and were to be a day dreamer building castle in the air, he would have gone to bed to sleep and waiting for greatness to come and wake him. BUT, NO, he was working hard towards his goals. At his age, he has a very good sense of recalling events, facts and figures correctly. I am sure he is not yet hit by senility which is already hitting his mates and even juniors.

Posted by ayodeji olaleye to MINDSCOPE on 26 December 2017 at 11:46

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Buhari planning to send me to jail, Obasanjo raises the alarm
Former President Olusegun Obasanjo on Friday afternoon accused incumbent President Muhammadu Nuhari of plotting to arrest and detain him on trumped-up charges and then subject him to a kangaroo trial in a bid to silence him.

Obasanjo claimed security agencies are plotting to arrest and put him in detention.

The former president made these allegations in a statement signed by his media aide, Kehinde Akinyemi, on Friday in Abeokuta.

Obasanjo raised the alarm via a statement issued in Abeokuta by his Media Aide, Kehinde Akinyemi. The statement reads in full @ https://www.thekillerpunch.com/buhari-planning-to-send-me-to-jail-obasanjo-raises-the-alarm/

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